Package osdep.console

Interface Summary
IChoiceDescription<T> Gives the description for the selected entry in the list

Class Summary
ConsoleChooser<T> To let the user choose one element from a list of them using the console
ConsoleConfigurationChooser Ask directly to the user which configuration to use, using the console.
ConsoleDownloadListener When a file is downloading, reports all the derived events on the console.
ConsoleHelper Common functions used to interact with the console
ConsoleMain An application starting point only used for test purposes, since this is supposed to be used as a library
ConsoleProxyAuthenticationSource Requests the proxy authentication parameters to the user through the console
ConsoleProxySource The proxy source interface realized as requests to the user trough the console
ConsoleSiteChooser Asks the user the site to use to download the zip file
ConsoleWebDownloader Wrapper of WebDownloader that uses the console for everything