Uses of Interface

Packages that use IConfigurationChooser

Uses of IConfigurationChooser in osdep

Constructors in osdep with parameters of type IConfigurationChooser
WebDownloader(IProxySource proxySource, IProxyAuthenticationSource authenticationSource, IConfigurationChooser externalConfigurationChooser, ISiteChooser siteChooser, IDownloadListener listener, ISystemProperties systemProperties)
          Constructor for WebDownloader

Uses of IConfigurationChooser in osdep.configuration

Classes in osdep.configuration that implement IConfigurationChooser
 class AutomaticConfigurationChooser
          Chooses the right zip automatically depending by the platform in which it needs to be installed (operating system and architecture)

Uses of IConfigurationChooser in osdep.console

Classes in osdep.console that implement IConfigurationChooser
 class ConsoleConfigurationChooser
          Ask directly to the user which configuration to use, using the console.