Uses of Interface

Packages that use IProxySource

Uses of IProxySource in osdep

Constructors in osdep with parameters of type IProxySource
WebDownloader(IProxySource proxySource, IProxyAuthenticationSource authenticationSource, IConfigurationChooser externalConfigurationChooser, ISiteChooser siteChooser, IDownloadListener listener, ISystemProperties systemProperties)
          Constructor for WebDownloader

Uses of IProxySource in osdep.cache

Classes in osdep.cache that implement IProxySource
 class CacheProxySource
          It happens that the proxy host and port are checked more than once in this library.

Constructors in osdep.cache with parameters of type IProxySource
CacheProxySource(IProxySource source)

Uses of IProxySource in osdep.console

Classes in osdep.console that implement IProxySource
 class ConsoleProxySource
          The proxy source interface realized as requests to the user trough the console

Uses of IProxySource in osdep.proxy

Constructors in osdep.proxy with parameters of type IProxySource
ProxyAuthenticationHandler(IProxySource proxySource, IProxyAuthenticationSource authenticationSource)
ProxyHandler(IProxySource proxySource)